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Are you overwhelmed by the things in life that you can’t control? Do you find yourself worrying about your health, work, family, safety, or future? Does it feel like a storm cloud following you around all day and you are just waiting for the lightning to strike? Anxiety is a terrible thing to live with.

The good news is that you don’t have to continue living that way!

At First Light Counseling in Omaha, I specialize in helping people overcome debilitating feelings of worry and anxiety. My goal is to help you live a life free of that kind of anxiety so you don’t have to go through life waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do the things that you enjoy free from worry and dread?

Initially, I will help you practice getting those worrying thoughts under control and provide practical strategies to keep those thoughts from taking hold of you and controlling you. However, I intend to try to go deeper than that to help you locate the source of those feelings.

It’s about more than just managing your symptoms. It’s about stopping them before they start. 

I work to help people find what is behind their worry, so that the symptoms are alleviated with the discovery of the issue that produces them. That way you can regain control of your own life and you are in the driver’s seat, not your anxiety.

We can’t eradicate all fear and worry from our lives and we don’t necessarily want to. If we did, we would engage in life threatening activities without a second thought. Those feelings are there for a reason. They are a survival mechanism. The problem comes in when they start to get in the way of a full, happy life.

Those thoughts and feelings can be valuable because they can inform you that something is wrong or that you should proceed cautiously, but they should protect you, not rob you of happiness.

If you are tired of letting anxiety control your life, set up an appointment today.